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Pipeline Bundle Services Co., Ltd. is the Thai’s pipeline & piping services company. Established in 2002, with the intention to focus on the Under Pressure Tapping (Hot and Wet Tapping), Stopped Plugging, Pipe Freezing, On-Line Instruments Installation, Leak Repair, Pipe Jacking, Boring, Hydrostatic Test, Pigging (Pipe Cleaning, Gauging and Dewatering), Nitrogen Purge Drying, Vacuum Drying and other Piping Work in the industry. Our concept is aimed at our customer total benefit, which includes supplying the high quality products and services (without shutting down or interruption of the process).
"More Than 2000 holes" and "1/2 inch to 56 inch Tapping" Experience"

Over 2000 holes
1/2 inch to 56 inch Tapping Experience

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